Economics Field Job

Economics Field Has Applications Across Wide Variety of Industries

As more organizations embrace analytics, predictive modeling, and big data to drive business, process, and policy decisions forward, the demand for individuals with analytical and economic application skills will continue to grow. The expanding global economy paves the way for MS in Applied Economics degree holders to take leadership roles in the organizations seeking to harness the insights of big data. The job outlook for analytical skill sets is projected to grow and benefits from an expanding range of industry applications.

To secure your future in these in-demand skills, the Boston College Master of Science in Applied Economics degree delivers the practical methodologies and employable competencies today’s data-driven professionals need. Learn more about the exciting career opportunities that exist in applied economics.

Salary data for top occupations with applications for an Applied Economics degree

Corporate Strategy Director $161,088
Risk Management Director $137,532
Data Scientist $120,931
Economist $104,924
Research Statistician $98,972
Quantitative Analyst $94,051
Senior Financial Analyst $81,066
Senior Policy Analyst $81,066
Senior Compensation Manager $80,483
Market Research Analyst $60,429

Where do MS Applied Economics Degree Holders Work?

Graduates of the Applied Economics program work in a variety of industries.
Here are some examples:

  • Financial Institutions

  • Insurance Carriers

  • Retail Corporations

  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Manufacturing

  • Scientific Research & Development Services

  • Nonprofit Organizations

  • Government & International Groups

  • Healthcare Plans & Groups

  • Think Tanks & Research Firms

  • Management, Scientific & Technical Consulting Services

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