Learn more about Boston College’s Master of Science in Applied Economics program from alumnus, Stefano Parravano. In the above video, hear how his desire for new skills led him to make the decision that the MSAE program would be the best program for him.

MSAE Program Experience

When asked to speak on his experience with the MSAE program, Mr. Parravano’s answer was simple. The ability to apply his lessons learned in the program to the real world enhanced the value of his time at Boston College. With previous work experience in financial services, market research consulting, and petroleum industries, Mr. Parravano looked to Boston College to build his skill set. Mr. Parravano was drawn to the program because of its combination of analytical rigor and practical application in economic research and big data.

Big Data and Applied Economics Degree

Big data is a set of terms that covers a broad scope of groundwork, including the application of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Big data is not a career field, but rather a series of tools and techniques one can utilize to analyze and interpret data for jobs in a variety of industries. Analyzing and interpreting this information requires a set of skills that are highly sought after in today’s workforce.

The curriculum for Boston College’s MSAE program offers an understanding of the skills needed to work with big data. The program teaches a high level of technical skills, as well as soft skills, which allows students to excel in the workforce. In a recent webinar by Boston College’s Woods College of Advancing Studies on the topic of big data and high-level skills, two industry experts explained that the right skill mix is essential. Razvan Veliche, director of data science at Analysis Group and program faculty member, stated, “it’s sometimes the case that people have skills in business analysis but not necessarily data science.” Veliche goes on to explain that it is helpful to know coding and different computer platforms, but the most important aspect is to be able to think about data.

When it comes to soft-skills, there is a need to be able to translate often complex ideas to professionals with little to no experience in data or math. The curriculum for the MSAE Program at Boston College offers insight into all of these skills needed to work with big data.

The MSAE program is taught by a faculty of accomplished academics and current industry practitioners, led by Dr. Aleksandar (Sasha) Tomic, a prominent economist, and program director.

“Employers are clear that they need employees with significant depth in data and analytics and the ability to apply those skills in a variety of contexts and industries. We are answering that call with training in deep analytical tools and economic institutions, as well as providing context as to how the tools are used in a variety of situations, including financial compliance, private equity, market research, healthcare, and policy. As a result, our students have the opportunity to make exceptional leaders,” said Dr. Tomic to the Markets Insider.

The MSAE Program at Boston College

The MSAE Program at Boston College is a STEM-designated degree program, which means it prepares students to use the data analysis and tools organizations rely on to evaluate policies and programs, develop forecasts, better understand consumer behavior, and analyze marketing efforts.

The colleague to professor relationship is apparent to Mr. Parravano and other students throughout Boston College both on- and off-campus, with the University boasting a network of more than 180,000 alumni worldwide that current students are encouraged to connect with. If you want to find out more about the program or apply, click here.